Beware of Vacation Rental Scams

Beware of Vacation Rental Scams


 We have heard of multiple people getting scammed on Craigslist and it has happened to past guests of ours.  

 Please Don't be a victim. 


 Possible Scam:

 - Very cheap rental compared to other similar units


- No telephone number or will not provide one


- No website or other visible web presence. We are listed on mulitple websites such as Flipkey

  and Homeaway that we pay for, scammers will not usually be on paid websites


- Owner or agent wants you to wire money via Western Union or moneygram, paypal, or other sort of

  odd payment method. Most legitimate companies will accept Visa, Mastercard, or check mailed to a

  local address with the Company Name on it. 


 - No local address or says "I am traveling abroad"


- Says they will mail you the keys


- Poor spelling


- Ask for multiple references, if you feel suspicious


 Ways to avoid:

  - Call the company, ask for a local number 808


- Ask for their local address, every company should have a local address.

  It's actually not legal to manage a property remotely in Hawaii. 


- Ask lots of specific questions, if you get vague answers, maybe a scam.


- Ask for the property address and unit number. And, do a search for that property to see if

  it is listed on another website. Some people have taken our units and listed on Craigslist as

  theirs. A simple search of the address with unit number would have brought them to our website.