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Buy a Waikiki Vacation Rental


Have you ever wanted to own a vacation rental?

Not sure, how to do it?

Wondering what buildings in Waikiki are best for vacation rentals?

Captain Cook Resorts manages 180+ vacation rentals in various buildings throughout Waikiki.


We know the pros and cons of owning a condo in these vacation rental buildings.


Whether you are buying a condo to live in or want to rent it, we can manage it and you can vacation in it when you want.


Let us do the work for you. We have real estate agents ready to assist you.


Captain Cook can help. Fill out a real estate inquiry form so we can contact you.


To see condos for sale in Waikiki, click on any of the building names below to be taken to our real estate website to see currently available listings. 


This is just a shortlist of the many possible buildings good for vacation rentals in Waikiki:


Ilikai Hotel & Apartments - Located on the marina near the entrance to Waikiki. 

Ilikai Hotel & Apartments for Sale

 See available condos for sale at the Ilikai Hotel & Apartments




Waikiki Banyan - one of our most popular Waikiki Vacation Rental buildings, located on the East side of Waikiki close to Kapiolani Park.


Waikiki Banyan Vacation Rentals for Sale


See available condos for sale at Waikiki Banyan.


Waikiki Beach Tower - located directly across from Waikiki Beach. Most units have great ocean views.


Waikiki Beach Tower Condo Sales


See available condos for sale at Waikiki Beach Tower



Waikiki Sunset - located in East Waikiki not far from the Banyan. Higher floors have great views. 


Waikiki Sunset Building


See available condos for sale at Waikiki Sunset




 Why would you want to buy real estate in Waikiki? Because Waikiki has beautiful beaches and great weather year-round making it an international travel destination all year round. 


Beautiful Waikiki Beach


Waikiki Beach International Destination


Relaxing Waikiki Beach


Waikiki Beach Sunset Cruise