Waikiki InformationCOVID-19 Updates and Our commitment to cleanliness


As of November 8, 2021, there are two separate sets of requirements for entry into the State of Hawaiʻi — 1 for U.S. Domestic arrivals, and 1 for International arrivals. Please see the appropriate rules that apply to you below.


Vaccinated Travelers: Vaccinated travelers entering Hawaiʻi from within the U.S. may bypass the State's mandatory 5-day quarantine without a pre-travel test. (Travelers must have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 prior to boarding the final leg of their trip to Hawaiʻi. "Fully vaccinated" means that the traveler has received a single-dose vaccine [Johnson & Johnson, etc.] or BOTH doses of a 2-part vaccine [Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, etc.], AND that it has been at least 14 days since receiving the final dose.)

Unvaccinated Travelers: All unvaccinated domestic travelers 5 and older may bypass quarantine with negative COVID-19 test results. (Travelers must take a State-approved COVID-19 test from a Trusted Testing & Travel Partner [https://hawaiicovid19.com/travel-partners/] within 72 hours PRIOR to boarding the final leg of their trip to Hawaiʻi, AND receive the negative test results PRIOR to departure. Children 4 and younger are exempt.)

Please refer to the Hawaiʻi State Department of Health website for complete details: https://hawaiicovid19.com/travel/faqs/

For all domestic travelers, documentation (proof of vaccination or negative COVID-19 test results) should be uploaded to the State's Safe Travels digital platform (https://travel.hawaii.gov/#/) PRIOR to departure, and a copy of the documents MUST be presented to airport screeners upon arrival.

Any domestic travelers arriving in Hawaiʻi without the specified documentation will be required to quarantine for 5 days at a State-approved quarantine facility or immediately return to their point of origin, all at the traveler's own expense.


All international travelers entering Hawaiʻi from outside the U.S. MUST be fully vaccinated (18+ years old) AND tested (2+ years old) for COVID-19 within 72 hours of departure to the U.S. (within 24 hours for unvaccinated U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents), in accordance with Federal guidelines. You will be denied boarding without proper documentation. Please check with your airline or the U.S. Department of State for details.

*International travelers on non-direct flights with a layover/stop(s) in the U.S. or its Territories prior to landing in Hawaiʻi must adhere to the rules for BOTH International Travelers AND U.S. Domestic Travelers.


Please note that guests are wholly responsible for satisfying vaccination/pre-travel testing requirements. The information here is provided for your convenience, but be sure to check with the proper authorities for the most up-to-date information. Captain Cook Resorts shall not be held responsible in the event that a guest is unable to enter the State or access their booked vacation rental due to insufficient documentation or positive COVID-19 test results.

Denial of entry due to a doctor-confirmed case of COVID-19 is covered under our recommended travel insurance plan, which can be added to your booking at any time before final payment is collected. Please see below for details.




Dine-in patrons entering restaurants and bars, and customers entering gyms, movie theaters, museums, arcades, and other similar establishments, must present proof of full COVID-19 vaccination or a negative result from a COVID-19 test taken within the previous 48 hours, along with matching government-issued photo ID. Photocopies of vaccination cards presented on a mobile device are accepted in lieu of the physical card.

Unvaccinated restaurant customers are allowed to order for takeout only. Children under 12 are exempt. Children ages 12 to 18 who do not have a government-issued photo ID may instead show a school ID, copy of their birth certificate, or a parent's ID with matching last name. Please see the Safe Access Oʻahu website for complete details: https://www.oneoahu.org/safe-access-oahu




State and County regulations require wearing face masks and maintaining proper social distancing in all public indoor spaces. This includes all condo lobbies and elevators, as well as restaurants, shops, and grocery stores, etc. Mahalo for your understanding and cooperation as we continue to keep Hawaiʻi safe and healthy!




We recommend travelers add Red Sky travel insurance to their reservation. Please review the following which provides clarity about travel insurance coverage and testing before travel to Hawaiʻi.

  1. If a traveler tests positive for COVID-19 in their pre-departure CLIA provided test for the COVID-19 virus and they subsequently share the positive test results with their physician, they ARE entitled to a trip cancellation reimbursement as long as they submit the written test results and an Attending Physician Statement stating the diagnosis of COVID-19 and formal written restrictions against travel.
  2. If a traveler fails a temperature test and is denied boarding their flight due to the temperature test failure, they AREN’T entitled to a trip cancellation reimbursement due to the temperature test failure alone. If a traveler fails a temperature test and is denied boarding their flight due to the temperature test failure they ARE entitled to a trip cancellation reimbursement if subsequent to failing the temperature test they visit a physician and receive a diagnosis of any sickness (including COVID-19). To qualify for a trip cancellation reimbursement in this scenario the insured guest must submit an Attending Physician Statement with a stated diagnosis of a disease (including COVID-19) and a formal written restriction against travel.
  3. Those without travel insurance who test positive for COVID-19 in their pre-departure CLIA provided test will be responsible for full payment of their reservation (less fees).

For more information about the Red Sky Travel Insurance policy, please click here: Red Sky Travel Insurance Info




Captain Cook Resorts is closely monitoring the situation with COVID-19. In response to this global crisis, we have taken extra measures to ensure the health and safety for our guests, homeowners, and our staff.

What sanitization efforts have you taken in response to COVID-19?

Captain Cook Resorts has extremely high standards for cleanliness in our properties. Our goal is always to ensure the health and safety for our guests, homeowners, and our staff. While we have always taken the proper precautions and employed comprehensive cleaning procedures between each guest stay, we have now developed even more rigorous sanitization and disinfection protocols following guidelines laid out by the World Health Organization, CDC, and EPA.

We've Raised the Bar for Our Cleaning Standards to Help Keep You Safe

Because the health and safety of our guests will always be our top priority, Captain Cook Resorts has added a state-of-the-art electrostatic spraying process to our rigorous cleaning, sanitization and disinfection protocols to give you and your family peace of mind during your vacation.


The electrostatic spray application is vital in killing viruses, as it adheres the disinfectant to surfaces instead of absorbing into them. The solution air dries so it remains in place until the surface is touched again. The disinfectant works in every room of your vacation rental, including high touch electrical items like remotes and light switches. Although it is a powerful disinfectant, it is completely safe to use around children. Captain Cook Resorts is doing everything in its power to protect you and your family.

You may rest assured that our linens and towels are professionally cleaned using the highest possible water temperature or in a commercial laundry with soaps and sanitization needed for proper laundering. We hope our commitment to providing the most well-maintained and clean properties gives you peace of mind.

What social distancing measures have you taken for your staff?

Our property managers will provide "contact-free" check-ins and follow social distancing protocols, including the use of face masks and limited physical contact when attending to trouble or maintenance calls.


If you have additional questions, please to reach out to us by phone from 9am to 5pm HST at 1-800-854‑8843 or (808) 738‑5508, or by email at: info@captaincookresorts.com.