Oahu Condo Vacation Rentals

Oahu Condo Vacation Rentals

Hawaii's capital island of Oahu is one of America's most popular vacation spots, drawing more than five million visitors annually. It is no secret why: warm tropical weather, clear blue seas and pristine beaches, majestic Diamond Head looming on the horizon, and the shopping, Polynesian culture, and nightlife of Honolulu. With all there is to do in Oahu, surfing, hiking, shopping, or just relaxing on the beach, you would be hard pressed not to enjoy yourself in that tropical paradise. The only thing that could possibly ruin your vacation is your choice of where to stay.

Anywhere you go, most vacationers stay in hotels, and this is certainly true in Oahu. But there is a dirty little secret about hotels: once you get past the basic level of cleanliness and amenities like parking, they are pretty much all the same. Even high-end hotel rooms are usually little more than a bed, a television, and a bathroom. To get more than that from a hotel room, you have to get a luxury suite, and even that only adds a second bedroom and a sitting area.

That's because a hotel room is a place to crash. You don't feel like lingering when you wake up, you just want to shower and get out as soon as possible, and you don't hang around at night before bed. Maybe you just flip through the channels a little before drifting off to sleep. In either case, you rarely ever hear someone describe a hotel as the best part of their vacation.

But there is an alternative. Captain Cook's Oahu condo vacation rentals are spacious, functional, and beautiful condominiums that you can rent for as little as a night, or lease for months at a time. They include multiple separate bedrooms, space to sleep up to five people, beautiful views of the beach or the city, work space, kitchenettes or full kitchens, and high-speed wireless internet. Like hotels, they have on-site parking and maid service, but unlike hotels, they feel like home.

That's because Captain Cook's Oahu vacation condos rentals are homes. Captain Cook's vacation condos are real condominiums in real condominium buildings. Your neighbors down the hall are likely to be Oahu residents who live in similar spaces and layouts as your Oahu condo vacation rental. The furnishings, amenities, and space of Captain Cook's Oahu vacation rentals give you a welcoming feeling of actually living on the beach at Waikiki.

The most important part of a vacation rental is having a place to spend the night. In a hotel, you get a bed and a bathroom. If you are traveling with your family or friends, you get two smaller beds side by side in the same room, meaning that even when you're in bed you can't get a moment alone.  There are also other options for Waikiki vacation rentals available here.

Captain Cook's Oahu condo vacation rentals are available with separate bedrooms, each with comfortable, luxuriously covered, king-size beds. Each room has a view, and its own room safe. Master bedrooms have separate access to balconies.

Hotel bathrooms are harshly lit and often decorated like hospitals, even in fine hotels. Even if you manage to get the hang of getting the right shower temperature, you generally find yourself having to share a limited amount of counter space with other people.

Captain Cook's Oahu vacation rental condos feature multiple bathrooms, so you don't have to take turns getting ready in the morning, and you can enjoy a relaxing bath or shower without tying up the only sink for your friends or family. Indeed, some Oahu condo vacation rental bathrooms have dual sinks and plenty of cabinet space to store toiletries. They are beautifully designed and finished in a luxurious, comfortable modern style.

The entertainment options in a hotel room usually don't extend much beyond a television, and maybe a balcony to lean off of if you get a really good room. Of course, the cable choices are limited, and always start off on that hotel information channel.

There's as much to do in your Oahu vacation rental condo as there is at home. In addition to a widescreen LCD television (with hundreds of real cable channels), your Oahu vacation rental condo includes multiple stereo sets with iPod docks, a DVD player, and a workspace with high-speed wireless internet access.

Additionally, Captain Cook's Oahu vacation rentals have features that you won't find in a hotel room. Kitchenettes and full kitchens mean that you can have a leisurely breakfast of cereal like you do at home, or stay in and cook a meal if you are tired of going out. You don't have the option to stay in and cook at a hotel like you do at home, or at Captain Cook's Oahu vacation rentals. There are grocery stores and outdoor markets within walking distance of the Waikiki neighborhood, once again contributing to the feeling of home at Captain Cook's condo vacation rentals. In addition to kitchen bars and patio tables to enjoy your meal at, your vacation rental condo also includes designer flatware, tableware, and glasses. We even throw in a dishwasher to make cleanup more convenient.


Your Oahu condo vacation rental also includes in-unit laundry facilities, iron and ironing board, and hair dryer, which mean that you don't have to pack as much, and you don't have to pay to send your laundry out. Little details like that make your vacation more enjoyable, and help the feeling that your Oahu condo vacation rental is your home on the Waikiki beach.

You have a choice of where to stay on your Oahu vacation. You can take the standard route and stay at a hotel, where you will drop off your bags, sleep, shower, and dress before spending the whole day and night out. Or you can rent a home on the beach, with all the comforts and amenities that your home has, and a few luxuries that you wish you had. Captain Cook's Oahu condo vacation rentals gives you the best of both worlds: the tropical grandeur of America's favoriteHawaiian vacation rentals destination, and the comforts of a luxurious home.