ホノルル コンドミニアム

ホノルル コンドミニアム

According to Expedia.com’s 2009 Vacation Deprivation Survey, despite having the fewest vacation days per year than any other developed country in the world, more than 34% of Americans fail to take all of their allotted time off. The average American worker earns 13 vacation days per year, but only takes ten, leaving the other three unused. That amounts to more than 148 million unused vacation days nationwide. No wonder everyone is so stressed out.

Study after study demonstrates that people who take vacations are more productive, more creative, and report greater satisfaction with their lives than people who never stop working. And it makes sense. You work hard all year to make money, provide for your family, and achieve your goals in life. But part of the reason that people want to make money in the first place is to spend it on the finer things in life. If you spend all your time working, you never stop to appreciate all that the world has to offer. Your time in life is short, and it is worth spending some of it on something truly memorable. And honestly, when you tell your friends and family stories of what you did this year, which do you think they will want to hear: the story of the extra project you squeezed in at work, or the story of that month you spent in Hawaii?

Captain Cook Resorts offers affordable and convenient monthly condo rental packages in Honolulu, HI. These are not your ordinary Hawaiian vacations where you cram your family into a tiny hotel room, and try to cram a whole Hawaiian family vacation into a few days or a week. Captain Cook Hawaiian vacation rentals offer you the opportunity to rent a spacious, fully furnished, fully equipped condo on a monthly basis. With that much time at a luxurious home away from home in one of our Hawaii vacation properties, you can experience everything that the island of Oahu and the County of Honolulu has to offer, and all at your own pace.

Captain Cook Hawaii vacation rentals are located in Honolulu, HI, just minutes from the beach at Waikiki, dining and shopping in the luxurious upscale developments nearby and convenient to other Oahu attractions like Diamond Head and the rainforest preserves in the County of Honolulu. Most of our Hawaii vacation properties have access to parking that is either discounted for renters or included in your rental package.

Our rental properties are not hotels or resorts, but rather actual condominiums in residential buildings. Each condo is fully furnished in tasteful and luxurious modern island décor, and equipped with everything you need to make your Hawaii vacation rentals just like home. Units include either a kitchenette or a full kitchen stocked with appliances, as well as all the dinnerware, flatware, and glassware you need to eat a leisurely breakfast at home before going out for the day, or host a casual family dinner. Bed linens are provided, as are the in-unit washers and dryers to make keeping your clothes clean convenient.

Captain Cook Hawaii vacation rentals also feature a range of entertainment options to relax after a long day of sight seeing, or a long day of relaxing on the beach, or even for those days where the weather or your mood just make staying inside that much more desirable. Most units are equipped with large LCD flat screen TVs, DVD players, and stereo systems with iPod docks.

The benefit to monthly Hawaiian vacation rentals instead of resort hotels is the choices they give you. At hotels, you need to eat out or order room service at every meal. But with the fully-equipped kitchens and walking access to supermarkets and local farmers markets, you can enjoy casual breakfasts, inexpensive lunches, and intimate family dinners all in the elegant modern comfort of your Captain Cook Hawaiian vacation rentals condo.

Even on the best Hawaiian family vacations, you don’t always feel like going out and touring the island every day. Staying in your hotel room to watch a movie or the big game is uncomfortable and often inconvenient. Hotels only offer and handful of cable channels and access to premium movie and sports channels is expensive. At a Captain Cook Hawaiian vacation rental property, if you want to stay in and watch TV or a movie, you can. Not only do most of our units have the same basic cable channels you have at home, they also include premium sports and movie channels. Units also have DVD players, so you have access to any movie you can rent, and stereo systems with iPod docks in case you just want to stay in and relax with a good book, or with one another.

The best part of a Hawaiian family vacation is being able to get away from the things that cause you stress: your job, the commute, your neighbors, the hassles of cleaning and cooking and home maintenance. Hiking the trails of Diamond Head or tromping through a tropical rainforest, or swimming in the warm blue oceans of Oahu are all perfect to help melt away the stress you build up at home, so that you can go back recharged and ready to accomplish your goals.

The worst part of a Hawaiian family vacation is leaving behind the comforting and familiar parts of home that bring you daily joy and relaxation. A home cooked meal, a clean load of laundry, or relaxing on the sofa with a movie and your family are all part of what makes home life so comforting. But you leave all that behind at most resort hotels in Hawaii. At a Captain Cook rental condo in Honolulu, HI, you get the best of both worlds. You get a long vacation away from the stress and demands of home, but you also get to take the relaxing little comforts of home with you. Hawaiian vacations at a Captain Cook vacation rental condo are like having a home on the beaches of Oahu without having to get up and go to work.

A Month (or More) in Honolulu Vacation Paradise

It’s easy to convince people of the value of Hawaiian family vacations: the warm waters and sandy beaches, the fine dining and luxurious shopping, the rainforest treks and volcano hikes practically sell themselves. But who really goes on vacation for a month or more? Why would you want to stay at Captain Cook Hawaiian vacation properties instead of a resort or a beachside hotel?

If there are kids in your family, you know that summers are often the best times for a family vacation. When the kids are out of school, you take a week or two off and drive or fly somewhere, staying it hotels or motels, and trying to cram as much fun and excitement into your limited time as possible. But with the stresses of flying, the high price of gas, not to mention the lack of space and comfort in a hotel or motel, after two weeks you usually look forward to going back to work, only because it will be a vacation from your vacation.

Now imagine spending a month of your summer in one of the most beautiful places on earth: Honolulu, HI. You can Surf, hike, explore the culture and excitement of the city of Honolulu, or just relax by the beach for hours (or even days) in a row. There is so much to see and do in the county of Honolulu, and the whole island of Oahu, that you could never fit it all into a week, especially when you are travelling with kids. But a whole month to explore, learn, shop, eat, and relax would be a unique experience that you would treasure for the rest of your life. The best part of it is that you will be able to do so from the comfortable, convenient, home-like atmosphere of your Captain Cook Hawaiian vacation rental. You can enjoy all the wonders of Hawaii and still come home to a private bedroom and home cooked meal. If it rains, or if you just feel like staying in, you can kick back and watch a movie on the LCD flat screen and DVD player in your condo. You can even pack lighter than you would on a two-week vacation, because of the laundry machines in each unit.

If you are a newlywed couple looking for a unique and unforgettable honeymoon trip, there is no better alternative than a month in a Hawaiian vacation property. Cozy studio and spacious, romantic one-bedroom condos come equipped with every luxury and convenience of a modern urban apartment. You can walk to the beach and to the variety of dining and shopping options in the city of Honolulu, or just stay in all day and relax in front of the TV. Captain Cook rental properties give you all the conveniences and comforts of home but set in a lush tropical paradise.

If you have just retired, or if your children have all grown up and moved out, what better way to reward yourself for decades of commitment than a long vacation in a Captain Cook vacation rental property in the city of Honolulu. Spend time alone together walking on the beaches of Waikiki, hiking the trails at Diamond Head or through the rainforest in the county of Honolulu. You have spent a lifetime working hard to build and provide a home for yourself and your family. It is time to relax for a while in the scenic splendor of the island of Oahu. You can enjoy everything Hawaii has to offer at your own pace, without rushing to beat the vacation clock, or worrying that you’re going to miss out.

If you are a creative professional, you know that a change of scenery is one of the best ways to break out of a creative rut. Judging by the millions of visitors to the island of Oahu every year, there is no better scenery than you can find in Honolulu, HI. A Captain Cook Hawaii Vacation property can cost about the same as renting an apartment in New York, LA, or Chicago for a few months. The difference is that Captain Cook Hawaii vacation rentals are fully equipped with the necessities to make your visit comfortable, and the amenities to make it pleasurable. In addition to a large LCD flat screen TV and DVD player, each condo is equipped with high speed internet, wi-fi capabilities, and free phone calls to the continental United States. Not to mention that all of these amenities and conveniences are located in the city of Honolulu, HI. So you have everything you need to stay productive, and everything you could ask for to relax and inspire you.

If you are a businessperson from the mainland or overseas and you are doing business in Hawaii, you know that opening a new office or getting a new plant running in the county of Honolulu (or anywhere for that matter) can be time-consuming. If you plan to stay on Oahu for an extended period of time, a hotel bill can run up very quickly, not to mention all of the eating out, parking, dry cleaning, and other expenses. A Captain Cook rental condo is a more economical choice, because it is fully equipped with all the amenities of home, plus all the tools and connections you need to stay in touch with the home office, all at a monthly rate lower than what you would expect to pay at a business hotel in Honolulu, HI.

No matter who you are or why you’re coming to Oahu, you owe it to yourself to make your trip as comfortable, convenient, and relaxing as possible. With a Hawaiian Vacation rental from Captain Cook, you have all the beauty and wonder of paradise combined with all of the comforts and conveniences of home, at a price comparable to what you pay for a month in your own home.