waikiki vacation rentals description

You don’t need all the details to know that Hawaiian vacations are some of the most relaxing, enjoyable, and sought-after getaways available today. Just the mention of Hawaii brings to mind shining blue seas, soft, warm sand on the beach, and beautiful mild weather than makes any vacation an ideal getaway. The real question is why should you want to stay at a Captain Cook Resorts Vacation Rental Property?


Waikiki Shore Vacation Rental

(dining area and balcony from one of our vacation rentals at the beachfront Waikiki Shore building)


Think about your last stay in a hotel. Your room was probably pretty small, with everything in the same small space, including the beds, the desk, the TV, and a small sofa, if there was room for one. You always had to eat out, because you couldn’t store food in your room, let alone prepare it. You were glad to be out of there and out exploring, not only because you were on vacation, but also because you felt uncomfortable in the tiny space and lumpy bed where you had to sleep. In fact, when was the last time you remember the hotel as one of the good things about the trip?


Full kitchens at the Waikiki Banyan vacation rentals

 (all of our rentals come with a full kitchen or kitchenette, so you can enjoy a nice homecooked meal on vacation and maybe save a little money as well)


At Captain Cook Resorts we aim to make the place you stay one of the best parts of your Hawaiian vacation. Staying in a condo on the beach that has several rooms, levels, and conveniences like kitchenettes and high-speed internet will make the place you stay more welcoming and comfortable. Welcoming and comfortable accommodations like the Waikiki condos for rent make your Hawaiian vacations more comfortable and memorable.


Hawaiian vacations vary greatly depending on the people taking them. Some vacationers want to go enjoy the many hiking trails, while others want to shop in Waikiki or at the Ala Moana Mall and eat at the variety of restaurants that Oahu has to offer, while still others want nothing more than to lay on Waikiki beach with a flavored drink and a book and look out at the beautiful ocean. Captain Cook Resorts has a wide variety of vacation rental properties to make your Hawaiian vacation a perfect experience, no matter what perfect means to you.


For the same nightly rate as a single or double room at a hotel in Oahu, you can rent a condo at the Waikiki Banyan or one of our many other properties that sleeps from 2 up to 7 people. This means you can put your whole family up for the same price as one room would cost you at another hotel.


And you can do so much more with Waikiki condos than you can with a standard hotel room. In addition to high-speed and wireless internet, most of our vacation rentals include a kitchen or kitchenette, which means that even on a tropical vacation, you can still enjoy a home cooked meal. Eating out is fun, but eating out for every meal can get old after a while, especially if you are taking a long Hawaiian vacation.


Of course, all of our rental properties are still expertly maintained. We have amenities such as barbecues, tennis courts, swimming pools, and workout facilities. Your Waikiki condos will be cleaned every day if you like, or as often as you like. Ask any local what the biggest problem is in Honolulu, and they are likely to say “parking.” Parking is included at most of our Waikiki condos and Waikiki banyans. That way you have the option to stay on the beach and relax, or drive to the other side of the island for a hike through the hills and rainforests.


Hawaiian vacations are supposed to be a time for your family to relax, recharge, and reconnect. Spending Hawaiian vacations cooped up in separate hotel rooms is not only more expensive than staying in Waikiki condos (thus reducing what you can afford to do), it also keeps your family separate, adding hassle to everything you want to do. Our spacious vacation rentals allow up to five people to sleep under the same roof, and so connect and communicate more easily. Not only do our rental properties make your Hawaiian vacations more enjoyable and convenient, they also do so at a lower cost than traditional resort hotels.


Whether it’s just the two of you on a romantic beach getaway, or you bring the whole family to explore the rich culture and environment of Oahu, Captain Cook Resorts Waikiki vacation rentals will be more than a place to sleep after a long day out. They also serve as a home away from home, right on the beach. They include amenities including high-speed internet and kitchens, daily housekeeping and fresh linens, and parking at most locations. We make Hawaiian vacations so much more affordable and convenient, that you’ll want to extend your time here, which is fine, because we also offer low monthly rates.